It would be nice to have an option in the Stage Setup to deactivate an output (e.g. Display Setting = NONE). Further it would be nice, that Isadora recognizes, which parts of a stage are deactivated and does not calculate these outputs to save resources.


We had a theatre production with 6 beamers and a Control Monitor running on a Windows 10 computer. 4 beamers were connected to a videowall processor, which were recognized as tow wide screen monitors by Windows, so we had in total 5 monitors showed in Windows.

Once during a rehearsal, we had an electrical damage on the computer and we had to replace it a week before starting the show and during a period, where it was really hard to get computer hardware. We were not able to find a computer with a graphics card, which can output to 5 monitors on a single graphics card (since Isadora only support that), the maximum was always 4. We tried a long time to find a way to work with only 4 monitors but we were not able.

So we decided to use a Laptop for one beamer and connect the remaining beamers to the computer and just let run Laptop and Computer the same Isadora show file except for a different configuration in Stage Setup. As fare as I know, there is no possibility to deactivate an output. So we had to remove all projector actors for the one beamer on the computer show file and we had remove all projector actors for all other beamers on the laptop show file, which also took a lot of time because of 80 complex scenes.

I think that such a deactivate output feature a situation, where each minute counts, would be really useful since one can just take some laptops, copy the show file, connect the beamer to it, deactivate every output, which is not connected and let the show run.

Thank you very much