@vidasonik said:

scale min to 0 and scale max to 1

 Here you are telling this side of the system to expect values from 0 thru 1.0, it can't scale anything because it has no reference point. 

These min and max settings require that they exist on both sides of a link between actors. If on the first side you set min= 0 and max = 1, Isadora will expect values between 0and1 to be output, then on the other end of the link if min is set to = 10 and max = 30, the values from 0 to 1 will be scaled to 10-30.

This works in the same way as the Limit Value Scale actor.

I don't know what you full range of incoming values are, but if you use a Limit Value Scale actor, you should be able to scale to 0-1 or 0-127 depending on where you want to send that data.