Dear Isadora Community, 

Please take a look at this job ad for a faculty in Contemporary Scenography in lovely Vancouver, Canada.

Position Title and Rank: Assistant Professor of Contemporary Scenography

We encourage applications from individuals who identify as members of communities underrepresented in professional theatre and/or academia.

We seek an artist with demonstrated significant experience in expanded scenography and/or live performance design with an emphasis on one or more of the following areas: sound design and composition, animation, extended realities, spatial practices, expanded cinema, puppetry, object performance, lighting design, and/or projection design. The ideal candidate has a vibrant and recognized artistic research practice that at once engages with contemporary aesthetic developments in the field of theatre design and thrives in an interdisciplinary environment. Additionally, they will have a demonstrated interest in design-led creation, and expanded definitions of performance and installation.

Full Ad:


Wladimiro Woyno