@ncwpg sure, the following worked for me...

Step 1: in Synethesia go to Settings and under OSC / Output:

- enable Output

- set Output Address to  (this is the localhost address used to send osc messages to other software on the same computer)

- set Output Port to 1234

- set Output Control Values to "Output Normalized Values"

- set Control Address Format to "Global Addresses"

Step 2: in Isadora go to Settings, then select Midi/Net and under Open Sound Control (OSC):

- set the IP Port Number to 1234

- set Maximum Packets to 250

- set Default Packet Size to 1024

- set Maximum Data to 4096

- then click OK to save

Step 3: in Isadora go to Communications / Stream Setup:

- set Stream Select to "Open Sound Control" (think this is the default)

- then tick "Auto-Detect Input" and voila (assuming you have an active audio feed going into Synesthesia), you should now see a whole list of incoming OSC stream addresses populated in the window (I get 34 sent from Synesthesia, documented here)

- then untick "Auto-Detect Input" and for each different "Stream Address" give it a Chan # from 1 upwards, in the order you want them to appear in your patch

- then click OK to save

Step 4: add an OSC Multi Listener actor to you Izzy patch:

- set "num chan" to match the total number of chan #'s you set in Step 3

- set "show addr" to on

- you should now see each output fluctuate with whatever audio you're sending in to Synesthesia

Rgds, Mr J