@dusx said: grab the JSON data using the 'Get URL Text' actor  Hi @DusX, After your suggestion I have refocused this experimental development using the 'Get URL Text' actor as you have suggested. It has worked handsomely to bring online data into the Isadora patch environment. I have made a patch with detailed annotations about the process and offer it here as a departure point for those artists who are seeking to establish using dynamic data from a URL source in their projects.  Dynamic data demonstration file (using data from online sources) Dynamic Data Isadora project This Isadora patch accesses live data from an online source. It uses it in a way that represents the data graphically and to locate elements in x and y space on the stage. The patch works by accessing an Open Data Source using a live internet URL. The data set includes names of Countries, their Capital City and Latitude and Longitude coordinates and other information. After scaling with Limit-Scale Value actors, the longitude and latitude data locates each city on a world map. A list of iso2 codes (2 letter country codes) has been saved as a text file and read into the patch through a Data Array actor. This Isadora patch demonstrates the Get URL Text, Text Parser, Text Formatter and Data Array actors. Best Wishes Russell