Capture to disk media cleanup

  • Hi there

    For a friend I made a little patch in Isadora for a permanent installation where a number of consecutive recordings can be made autonomously every time somebody pushes a button.
    I am using the capture to disk function and the clock to name the recorded files by date. All of this works like a charm, but I am running into a cosmetic issue once Isadora closes, since it will then ask whether "the temporary media recorded during this session should be permanently deleted from the hard drive". While the answer to this is obviously "NO" there is a potential risk that someone might by mistake hit "YES" instead, particularly since it seems to be the default choice. As I said it is mostly cosmetic, but it would be rather unfortunate to have several months of recording erased by mistake, so I was wondering if somebody would know of a workaround.
    I put a sketch of the patch relating to this issue [here](
    Thanks for any suggestions.

  • Dear Ruppert,

    Well, in most cases the default answer is the right answer I think... but this is a special (and meaningful) case.
    But I don't know what to say with regards to solving the problem... I can't make a big change to handle this right now.
    What about an AppleScript that periodically copies all the movies that are new to a separate folder? That way you can safely delete the ones Isadora recoded, but you'll still be left with the movies you want.
    Best Wishes,

  • Hi Mark

    You are right under normal circumstances it would be the right action.
    Thanks for the Apple script tip, that works for me.