Show in Cardiff on Friday 13th December.

  • i'm part of a team that has been working on a project with Sinfonia Cymru - their brief was for us to add layers of 'stuff' to a classical recital in order for the audience to experience classical music in a new way. the first event was a work in progress that didn't really hit the mark, but by last month's gig, we had found a formula. the final part of the trilogy is next friday at CHAPTER in Cardiff and - hopefully - it'll pave the way for new collaborative projects next year.

    i'm using Izzy to make the visuals for the electronic musician, working with a VJ who's using Resolume to make visuals for the string players.
    there's a nice little documentary here:
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    Very nice.. I truly enjoy the sounds.. and the whole show looks to be great.
    We have a festival (not Toronto, but Montreal) that this would suite.
    Would love to see more of the visuals you made with Izzy.

  • thanks DusX. i was in Montreal during Elektra 2012 - it looked great - but we were performing so didn't have time to see anything. i'll try and record more during the next show and afterwards share some of the patches on here.

  • Fantastic! Thanks for posting :)

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    I look forward to seeing what you post.. and if you are heading out my way again please let me know, I would enjoy catching a show live.

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    Looks nice!