Audio live whit Isadora

  • Hi

    I'm a new user of Isadora.
    Like i see in the forum an AU delay exist but i'm not sure that it could take sound from the micro..
    I recently buy the license of  Audio Core for Isadora.
    It is possible to build an actor that can take live video and live audio at the same time ??
    If some one have some ideas, great thanks !
    I'm  a Mac Retina osx 10.8.4 user.
    ps :  i'm only  french-spanish  speaker, so my english is very limited...

  • Dear Adolfo,

    When you say "i'm not sure that it could take sound from the micro" I assume you mean "microphone" -- is that right? If so, what you want to use is

    Sound Input -> AU Delay -> DefaultOutputUnit

    For this question: "It is possible to build an actor that can take live video and live audio at the same time ??" Do you mean to delay video and sound? If so, there is no specific actor to do that. But, to my suggestion above, you can add

    Video In Watcher -> Video Delay -> Projector

    Then it is just a matter of ensuring the delays are the same.

    Best Wishes,

    (Avec google translate ... j'espère que ça aide.)

    Cher Adolfo,

    Quand vous dites «je ne suis pas surethat il pourrait prendre son du micro" Je suppose que vous voulez dire "microphone" - n'est-ce pas? Si c'est le cas, ce que vous voulez utiliser est

    Son entrée -> AU Delay -> Unité de sortie par défaut

    Pour cette question: «Il est possible de construire un acteur ne peut prendre la vidéo et audio en direct en direct en même temps?" Voulez-vous dire à retarder la vidéo et le son? Si c'est le cas, il n'est pas acteur spécifique de le faire. Mais, à ma suggestion ci-dessus, vous pouvez ajouter

    Vidéo En Watcher -> Video Delay -> Projecteur

    Ensuite, il est juste une question de garantir les délais sont les mêmes.


  • Dear Mark

    I think you have to forget Google Translate... :•))
    The 'translated' text is mumbo-jumbo. In french, we say "charabia"...
    @AdolfoKaplan : you are not the unique francophone here...
    There is a great site to help us to translate french<->english, with an interesting approach, based on a big corpus of texts :

  • Thanks Mark fir your answer

    Yes of course, micro = microphone 
    If i can use just one delay, ok, i can use separately  (one for the audio, one for the video)
    But anyway, if i need to take sound and video from live performance, and project it (both) at the same time (like what i can do whit  a movie actor for pre load samples).
    Can I,  or not ? 
    Because, if i'm not wrong, i can take the energy or the frequency of the audio but not the audio himself... 
    Thanks a lot !
    Thanks to Fypy,  good web site ! 
    Je connaissais pas ce site, je vais jeter un coup d'oeil...!
    Adolfo K

  • Mark :

    I found a way 
    Audio/Sound Input/ Au Delay / System Output
    If you find something better, ( a way for having all the input -video-sound- in the same actor ) please let me now...
    Ad K