Pico Projectors + Wireless Live Feed... Possible? Suggestions?

  • Hi All,

    For an upcoming project, I am interested to send a live feed to one of a tiny video projectors, i.e. something like one of these
    Does anyone have experience on how to send a wireless live feed to these? Basically I would want to output from Isadora (using Syphon or something else if as a "go-between") and see the image appear on the projector. The idea is that a performer would be carrying this projector, so we don't want any wires, etc.
    Any ideas?
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  • It may be that you can rig something like a wireless HDMI sender such as this

    The receiver runs on 5V so you can rig a battery like this.
    There are smaller units as this looks like it would power the receiver for 9h.
    Can't say much about signal delay or interference. I have a digital wireless SD security camera that looks mostly like a web cam in terms of frame rate, no glitches, but I think it just freezes the image until the full frame is received.
    I'm guessing the HDMI sender is a bit more sturdy. 
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    You might be able to adapt one of these systems used for real-time flying view on quad copters.
    They are designed to be as light as possible.

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    I would definitely go with a wireless HDMI system. There are higher end ones designed for broadcast applications that will be the most reliable but there a cheaper units out there that should work in the right circumstances.

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    I often get emails and blog post questions about wireless video... It's a common topic.

    I have very big concerns over wireless *stuff* (cameras, bluetooth and OSC, etc) just because I have always had at least one problem with it all.
    The HDMI sender looks great but I would be worried that it is designed for home use not theatre/event space. With all the objects, people and fixtures I wonder how reliable it would be?
    I know this stuff is getting better and of course you get what you pay for so I am sure a lot of the wireless AV stuff is ok. DusX link to the antena also seems good and in my head it sits a bit more comfortably as the antena is less likely to interfre with anything? (correct me if i'm wrong)
    Interestingly DusX link actually says in the text...
    _"For a FPV system our requirement is simple, we want smooth and reliable video feeds on the monitor, that's all. However, **it's easier said than done, when we look deeper into FPV System, we found a lot of problems, mostly about frequency jamming on Transmitter signal, GPS signal and the FPV signal, it's a pain to find the perfect solution."**_
    I am interrested to follw this thread and see how you get on Mark. It would be good to find a good, solid reliable product that will do the job. Perhaps we can add it to the recommended hardware page if it fits the bill :)
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    For a theatre play we built a small robot that was driving around and it carried a pico-projector that was powered from battery. We then used an iPod touch that was connected to the pico projector. Using the MultiVid app from Marco Tempest we triggered videos stored on the iPod touch via Isadora and OSC. Well its not live, but it really works great.


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    Looks interesting @Michel thanks.

    Here is the link for those interested:

  • Dear All,

    Does anyone know this?
    It's $100 cheaper than LPMode's suggestion, and the review above was quite positive. To quote "IOGear’s solution gets my pick as the mostest-for-leastest: best range, most functionality, nice ergonomics. At $349 ($275-ish online from Amazon and others) it’s not cheap, but the enhanced functionality and distance performance validate the premium for any system that needs its abilities."
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    I would try to ensure that you don't have conflicting transmission frequencies.
    I recently was trying to receive WiFi video from a gopro on a quad-chopter, the wifi transmits at 2.4 khz and the remote for the quad also 2.4 khz.. this could have be disaster however fortunately we only had the weaker signal (video) drop out. Most newer systems now ensue that 2 different frequencies are running the control and video.
    @Mark, if you show will be using wifi, or there is wifi in the cinema, I highly recommend double checking that the video system is running on its own independent frequency, and that that frequency is not one common to cell phones etc..
    having quickly checked the link above, it seems the gefen is running on a new 60ghz bandwidth.. which seems safely removed from all common bandwidths.

  • I tried to do this a few years ago with limited success.  I tried both wireless NTSC video (spy store video stuff) and VGA via Wireless USB.  Wireless HDMI was not available (in my price range) at the time.  I had pretty good success in initial testing, but once I strapped the wireless receivers to the dancers, the devices had a hard time receiving a consistent signal due to the movement.  We ended up going to an iPod based solution similar to Michel.

    Just something to look out for, hopefully the technology is better these days.  I'm interested to see how well these wireless HDMI transmitters actually work.

  • The cheap but reliable option going around the live video world is this

    Longer range and better quality but much more expensive is this
    If you are looking at any wireless HDMI product check out in situ reviews, as your are probably going to work in a theatre the environment is difficult for wireless devices and they will not work as they do in a house or open space. The live production section of the blackmagic user forum has quite some extensive discussions over wireless video options and you can get a lot of real world reviews from people who have been using them.

  • Remotely controlled aircraft hobbyists use this kind of gear for video transmission: http://www.fpvflying.com/categories/Wireless-audio-video-transmitter-for-FPV/

    Seems like it should work well in theaters. Comments??
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    @Vanderzee, I added a link above for a similar option.. they won't be HD (sd probably) but have a lower cost and some are very high power for long transmissions, although I haven't seen them used for this type of application yet.

  • Hi everybody You have to be carefull of one thing : most of non-professionnal hardware have hidden functions (i mean, not configurable by the user). For ex ample, I had lots of problems with a wireless sound solution, based on radiowaves : it was nice, little, so, easy to dissimulate, but it had a hidden function : a power-safe automatic mode.... And no way to by-pass it. I had to send a very low signal in the transmetters (i called it a "breath") to maintain the receivers actives. And at every show, I prayed !!...

  • Hi guys

    I got 2 pico projectors today and the idea is to load the sd cards and have them portable on-stage.
    I see the last post here was 2013, wondering if it's possible today? to run Izzy > syphon > HDMI transmitter?
    I got the Pico Genie M400 Pro and AAXA P300 pico. 
    6 weeks to show.