Challenge for the Pulse Generator?

  • Hey everybody...
    We are finally getting committed to using izzy for a new interactive installation that will play primarily as kiosk-based, through multiple OSC devices and a custom control panel.

    Being a relative newbie to izzy (and all things osc), I do have some challenges, but am pretty sure the application(s) can do what we want.
    Thankfully, this community is filled with great knowledge and experience and super supportiveĀ  :-)

    I have a visual challenge that I hope someone can help with...

    We need to create a heartbeat type rhythm that will load into a monitor on the control panel, as a continual line.
    My thought was to do it with a pulse generator, that would replicate a heartbeat, so to speak.
    The line speed and intensity can be controlled by either osc or midi.

    Any suggestions on how this could be done are most welcomed.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Tech Staff

    I'd probably use two pulse generators. Both with a different pulse rate, offset one so you get the right pattern.

  • Hey Skulpture... thanks for the reply.
    Offset would make sense.
    Where would you put that signal once it leaves the Pulse generator?
    I would imagine I am going to need a shape generator and a projector... maybe an envelop generator too?


  • Tech Staff

    I mentioned this Quartz Composer patch before in the forum, I never tried it myself, but maybe it can help you.


  • Tech Staff

    Yes a shape actor made into a line and mabe the envelope++ I'd need to sit and work it out but I'm sure it's possible.

  • Thanks guys, good feedback.
    The Quartz patch is the effect we're looking for, but I know nothing of quartz.
    I will continue to play with the previous suggestions.

  • I created something like this in the past using quite a few line actors linked together - i can't find my patch right now but I was controlling them using freqeuncy watchers.