I Celebrate Exuberance While You Wave

  • I Celebrate Exuberance While You Wave is an outdoor video installation, using video projections, architecture, poetry and live feed. It plays with notions of propaganda, love, intimacy, public space, moment and beholder.
    Presented by SSA 33 and Collaboraction, created by Liviu Pasare.
    Runs daily 5 p.m to 11 p.m. and 
    with a live performer every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night 
    between 5 and 9 p.m, Dec 6th 2013 through Jan 3rd 2014
    It's in located in Wicker Park, Chicago, at the intersection of Milwaukee ave, North Ave and Damen ave.
    I'm using Isadora to sequence the triggering of the clips

  • Tech Staff

    Nice to see some work closer to home (I'm in Toronto)
    Be interested in knowing what type beamers you used.. the throw distance looks rather large.

  • I'm using 2x christie pro+750 and a Sanyo PLC XF47 15k for the taller building.

    It's about 150-200 feet to the side buildings and about 300 to the center one. It's been a challenge to make it visible because of the street lights, surface color and texture and the really busy scene at the intersection. Hence the high contrast B/W treatment. 
    I have more photos and info here [http://liviu.stoptime341.com/?p=1717](http://liviu.stoptime341.com/?p=1717)