Feature Request: 3D rendering to video stream

  • I know it's been mentioned a few times before - particularly on the old forum - but Mark's asked me to put in an official feature request here so that people can vote on it, and i'm sure many of you will be keen to see this implemented - if it's possible.

    i think It would be useful to get 3D particles and other 3D renders out of their actors as a video stream, rather than rendering directly to stage. (the 3D Renderer actor does this already, but its the only one of the team)
    In the old forum, there was a suggestion that this might be accomplished with a Virtual Stage actor, that takes whatever is rendered to a certain stage and outputs it as a video stream instead of drawing it directly. I think this might be useful, but also putting a video out on the 3D generator actors would solve numerous issues and allow more flexibility in their use....
    all the best,

  • Dear John,

    Oh now I understand what you were asking! This is already done for 1.3.0f25, which I'm still testing. But it works. So just some days to go before I pre-release it.

  • Awesome! thanks Mark. I've got a big show coming up later in the year and was hoping to build something that needs this facility.