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    I have two numerical outputs coming from the 'Eyes' actor in Isadora and I would like to use those values to position and click the cursor. Is there a method within Isadora to accomplish this task? 
    i.e. I want the opposite of the 'Mouse Watcher' actor, sort of a 'mouse controller'. 
    If this is not possible solely within Isadora, how can I export the values from Isadora to another program on the same computer (like a Java or Arduino code, etc) where mouse control is possible?
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  • Tech Staff

    I am not aware of any way to accomplish this in Isadora.
    You an easily output the values via OSC or Midi to an external application if you wish. (depending on what the environment can accept)

    What is it you wish to accomplish? Within Isadora you can do a lot with the mouse data you receive.

  • I'm using Isadora to track motion and translate it to a point on the Mandelbrot Set (top right image) in this applet: http://math.bu.edu/DYSYS/applets/JuliaIteration.html , then project the corresponding Julia Set (bottom left image). I don't need information about the mouse going into Isadora.

    Is it possible to output the values using OSC or Midi to a simple Java program on the same computer? I don't need and don't want to have to use more than one computer.

  • does osculator allow mouse pointer control via osc ?

  • particlep! Thank you! Yes, OSCulator does allow mouse control. I've never used it before, but I was able to set it up and it seems to be working. Thank you so much for your suggestion!


  • you're very welcome @maxwellwolf :)

  • Tech Staff

    You could also easily track the mouse via Isadora, and output the X and Y values via OSC.