• the figment festival is a festival of participatory works.

    i'd like to collaborate with an isadora user who is based somewhere that a figment festival happens.  i'm based in the uk. i don't want to travel to the festival, however i'd like to be able to add to my cv that i had something i helped to create seen at the festival.
    it might be a work that i've already created and we collaborate on it's realisation at the festival, or a completely new work. i envisage that we share a patch / ideas / stuff via email.
    to some extent this is an experiment.  
    it seemed like an opportunity to be involved in something that looks really fun !
    the current call out is [http://geelong.figmentproject.org/](http://geelong.figmentproject.org/)  there will be other locations throughout the year.
    are you interested ?
  • Tech Staff

    I am in Toronto, and see that it will be going on here this summer..

    Contact me at ryan at plastikwrap dot com, if you want to chat about it.