Isadora Output/Live Feed to Roku Streaming Stick

  • Dear All,

    For a project I'm working on, my partner in (artistic) crime Dawn Stoppiello has purchased a Roku Streaming Stick + one of the pico projectors. (Which she tells me is really bright, btw.)
    I'm researching how to get a live feed to this device, and it seems like it's doable via VLC. (Though, if someone has explicit instructions on how to do this under Mac OS X I'd be willing to pay for the advice.)
    But, of course, what I really want is Syphon -> Roku. Any ideas on that hookup?
    Thanks in Advance,

  • Hi Mark,

    I would try to marry a Syphon client and libvlc for streaming to roku (you seem to imply it can accept RTSP stream). The last part (RTSP streaming) is described here: ?