Puredata audio integration

  • I am in preparation for sound / video / dance performance. I like to use the live audio from puredata in isodora.

    I would like to redirect the Pd outputs to isadora. Maybe there are different option to do so.  I haven't found any clue.
    Do you have a proposal to solve this topic?

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    Are you on Mac or Windows?

    On Mac you can use Soundflower to route your sound output to PureData, but there is no real sound entry in Isadora and I really dont see what can be interesting to come back to Isadora for sound, PD is much powerful for that.
    I use sometime max in the same situation and it work very well, you can send paramameters from Isadora to PD or Max with midi or OSC.
    On Windows, I dont know.

  • The idea is to use the created sound from Pd to control video, color, .... etc in one computer.

    Soundflower i dont know jet ...
    I am on MBP osx 10.9.1  Izzy 1.3.1f06

  • thanks for the hint with Soundflower.... now i can use the Pd sound as a sensor.


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