LightPainting Photography possible with Isadora?

  • I am looking into Light Painting Photography for an upcoming performance and would appreciate any suggestions on how to program a setup with Isadora. The principle is to capture an image for the length of time one is using the light source to paint an image with. I wonder whether it is possible to capture let's say 10 sec. with the buffer actor, but then to use the frames stored in the buffer one on top of the next, so that I could visualize the light traces. Or any other idea?
    Thank you!

  • you could set 300 video delay's one frame apart to show all 300 frames in same time but it would kill your computer. I tried with 60 frames and it tried to take off flying. But the effect was there.

    There is a way I have seen done something similar with WiFi SD card and DSLR camera where taken images were sent to a folder and played from there.

  • another way to try would be using feedback with a single frame delay in the loop going back - this would be much less of a strain on the computer, but might not get the effect you are looking for.

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    Hi Stephan

    Quickly clicked something together for you to start.


  • Thank you all for the quick answers!

    @Michel - have just tried your patch in the theater, and it works really well. Thank you!

    @ Vanakaru - I have seen the thread on the old forum and the Apple script method works well. There also is a simple software:
    I was looking for a solution in Isadora that would work similarly.

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    I made a patch to work with my Eye-Fi card and the action script kindly donated to us via jamie griffiths:
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    Here is a version with fading light trail.


  • :-) Thank you!