Switch between control panels of multiple open scenes

  • Tech Staff

    I am building a complex system that currently uses a number of scene while running.
    The additional scenes are turn on and off via buttons in my 'main' scenes control panel.
    What I would like to be able to do is test if a specific scene is active or not, and if active be allowed to switch to that scenes control panel with out disrupting the current playing scene. (since both are running anyway, all I really want is the new Control panel, and it to control  its scene)
    In this way we could have 'tabs' of settings and functions that we can turn on and off and switch to their control panel to adjust.

    this would require a couple new actors, 1 to test is scene is active, 1 to switch Control Focus (display another control panel and have it focus on its scene)

    another possible option is to allow each scene to have multiple control panels that you can switch between, however this doesn't get away form the limited number of IDs (I have run out)

  • Izzy Guru

    You know you can have a different control panel for each scene if you want don't you?

  • Tech Staff

    Yes Graham, but unless I have missed something there is no way to more from one scene to another with out making a scene change. We can be in a scene and activate another, but cannot switch to the others control panel without deactivating the first scene.
    For example, using the scene list, the only way to move to a new control panel is to click the scene of that panel. This in turn changes the scene.
    In a patch we can activate secondary scenes, but this leaves us viewing the control panel of the first/primary scene.
    We can use the jump or jump++ actors to move to a scene, but this deactivates the current scene in the jump.
    I am looking for a way to move between multiple control panels of multiple active scenes.
    It will allow for some very cool interface designs.

  • Beta Tester

    Would it work to jump to a scene that has a trigger set to immediately activate the scene from which you are jumping?

  • Tech Staff


    • I wasn't sure, so I did a quick test and it appears that the end of the jump occurs after the init of the new scene (or thats my best guess).
      Pre-activating caused it to kill the scene altogether since the enter scene triggers occur when first activated.
      Just jumping with a enter scene trigger reactivating the first scene caused a jump in the video (restart). So it does interrupt playback as least momentarily.

    So no unfortunatly it doesn't appear that this can be accomplished currently (unless you know a trick)

    The first thing I would do with this capability is create a MIDI settings scene that I can jump to and configure my settings (it would be active in the background when I turn on MIDI in my main control panel). Right now I have a rather substantial data grid UI that I have to scroll down my control panel to adjust. I have half the patch for my midi stuff in my main scene so that UI is linked and the other half in a secondary scene I can turn on and off (saves cpu).
    The additional Snapshots control would also be an asset.

  • try somehow similar, use one izz document for control, contains my control scenes, OSC to communicate within isadora the playscene izz dok values are send back to the control dok, in my case it seems to work, I know using scene actor is rather tricky, activate scene instead of jump++ plays multiple scenes.



  • Izzy Guru

    I see your problem now. The suggestion above could work.

  • I've always wanted some sort of "Blind" mode, as on a lighting console, in which one could examine or edit the contents of a scene without affecting what was happening on the stage.  I think Mark and I talked about it a long time ago and the technical difficulties were huge...



  • Tech Staff

    I don't think that what I outlined is much like a 'blind' mode, but rather an extension to how the activate scene feature already works.
    Imagine a patch that uses 3 scenes. The first is activated, and then activates in the background the other 2.
    The first scene deals with movie playback, and contains an interface to select and adjust playback properties for 2 video channels.
    The second scene applies FXs to the 2 video channels and allows the FX parameters to be adjusted.
    The third includes projectors, masking, and mapping features for the 2 channels.

    although we could currently make one scene with once control panels that could fit all this, it might be more elegant and easier to use, if we could switch between the control panels as we worked. Even building UI panel for selecting the active Control panel.

    I see this feature as functional step towards the functionality of embedded UI tabs in the Control panels. I hoped that this might be an easily accomplished feature that would open a number of doors as far as how we design and build patches and control panels.

  • here https://www.dropbox.com/s/kytgwir5a9lzzph/Jumper%2B%2B.izz maybe thats what you are looking for.

    have fun.... bts