How to control the end of a movie before loop starts

  • Hi!

    I have a list of 10 movies, I want to start playing the first movie, when it reaches the end I want to change directly to second movie, so that way untill the 10th. So I'm connecting the loop end trigger to a counter, and the result of it  to change the number of the clip in Movie player actor. 
    My problem is that the loop starts before changing the number of the movie, seeing some frames of the same movie before changing the movie.
    What I would have to do for changing directly to a new video??

  • Dear Viaplana,

    You need to use the 'position' output of the Movie Player, and a Comparator actor.

    Set the mode of the Comparator actor to "ge" (greater than or equal to) and the number in 'value 2' to something like 95 (meaning 95% of the movie's duration.)

    Then, connect the 'position' output of the Movie Player to 'value 1'. Then you'll get a trigger before the movie reaches the end. Adjust the 'value 2' input until you like the results.


  • Tech Staff


    You can actually do it just as you are now, just put "loop enable" to off. As soon as the movie number changes the player starts again.


  • Hi Michel and Mark!

    I have solve the problem turning off loop enable, It was so easy! sorry I'm just starting and I'm a little bit lost.
    Thanks for the quick answer!!!