• For an upcoming production, I want to use 3 laptops: 1 Master and 2 Slaves. The Master will be located in the control booth of a theatre, the Slaves backstage. The Slaves will render their own content independently.

    Master scene list: Each scene contains an Enter Scene Value actor patched to two OSC Transmit actors. Each OSC Transmit is sending a value to a Slave.
    Slave scene lists: Each contains an OSC Listener actor to receive the value from the Master. This actuates a Jump actor to the next scene. There is also video content in each scene, with each Slave holding unique content.

    The problem I’m having is that Slave 1 is receiving the jump correctly and Slave 0 (see below) will also receive the jump correctly, but Slave 2 is not receiving the jump correctly. When I open the Communications/Stream Setup dialog and click Auto-Detect Input, Slave 2 does correctly detect the value being sent. I used a Wave Generator Actor to test this; inside the Stream Setup dialog I can see the value changing. But when I click OK it doesn’t accept the new stream. The only thing that happens is that the ‘-‘  (minus) button on the left hand side of the box briefly greys. If I manually input the stream, I can click OK, but the stream isn’t active in the scene. There is still no response to the Master OSC Transmit at Slave 2.

    Slave 1 and Slave 2 settings are identical to the best of my knowledge. (EDIT: they have different IPs and different Computer IDs which I've confirmed are correct in scenes.) I have confirmed that the OSC Listener is listening to the correct channel (same as Computer ID) and that the ports agree. I have checked and double checked firewall and other settings, I’ve opened the Slave 2 file on Slave 3 and vice-versa, and I’ve uninstalled Isadora and then reinstalled it. No change.

    Master: Acer TravelMate 2420 notebook, Windows XP
    Slave 1: Asus N53S notebook, Windows 7
    Slave 2: Asus N53S notebook, Windows 7
    Slave 0: Asus G55V notebook, Windows 7 – which I have used only for testing. Using this for the performance is not an option.

    (edit 2: added tag.)

  • I use Osculator to manage OSC. best

  • It appears that OSCulator is a Mac-only application. Thanks anyway.
    Anyone have any help for my problem on Windows?