MIDI Projector Control/Trigger

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    I am working on a theatrical production. We are running supertitles and masking effects through Isadora, MIDI triggered from the QLab desk, out to 5 networked Panasonic PT-D5600U DLP projectors. The designer has had the shutter in the projectors triggered from Isadora through MIDI I/O and a piece of software - Projector MIDI Remote - on a previous rig. The MIDI Remote software is currently working (powering on/off, o/c the shutters), yet we are striking out getting Izzy to communicate to the third party app. Any thoughts? Does anyone have experience - be it successful, or no - making Isadora trigger this software?
    As an alternative we are also looking into controlling the shutters over the PJLink protocol... Same questions as above.
    Thanks everyone!

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    I use it sometime and it's very easy to do:
    1)in Isadora  go in menu/Communications/midi setup and open "Isadora Virtual Out for output 1
    2) create a "send control" actor, port 1, channel 1, controler 2, value any
    3) open projector midi remote
    4) click on learn for the action you want, trigger the "send control"
    Normally PMR, recognize it
    It's done!
    Jacques Hoepffner
    PS avoid double post…