Isadora, EpocCam and live feed

  • Hello Everyone,

    I was hoping someone could help me use the epoccam for iphone with Isadora as I am working on a project whereby we would like to do live feed with iphones.

    I installed the epoc driver onto my machine and the software on my iphone.  Upon installation I tried to run a test online using the suggested link, but the camera can only seem to  pick up my isight cam on the mac.  At this stage I had no issues with Isadora at all. Upon reopening Isadora a few days later, the whole application crash and would not open at all.  I deleted the epoccam driver and now Isadora is working absolutely fine!   I have been reading in the forum that some of you have managed to get this all working together, but I am not sure where I am going wrong.  I would like to get the epoccam to work firstly just with the mac, and then Isadora for live-feed.  Any suggestions?

    Thank you all in advance for your help!
    Please do let me know if I need to give more information.

    Macbook Pro, 10.8.5, 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB, Isadora 1.3.1f06

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    The EpocCam drivers for mac don't really work since quite a while, but there is another way the people from Kinoni allow you to get access to the videostream. Download the EpocCam Viewer Pro from their website. This app has to be open in the background and then sends the videostream via syphon to Isadora.


  • Hello, I had a similar problem a couple of months ago with a client's macbook pro running x.8 and isadora .06 using isight, a usb webcam and an ipod running epoccam. Sometimes the epoccam would show up, scan for devices sometimes did the trick, sometimes it didn't, or just show a green preview screen. It drove me nuts because I'd used it in another project and it had run like a charm. Then tried with one of my own machines running Snow Leopard and it worked fine both with my iPhone, the director's iphone and the actor's iPod . I'm not currently up to date about the latest drivers and such, I downloaded mine quite some time ago. But the solution for me was to downgrade the OS, do a clean install of Snow Leopard on the macbook, update to the latest version through software update and all was well with the world. As a sidenote I do recommend turning your Macbook into a hidden, password protected wifi network instead of using external apparatus. It saves some room in the bag and is rock solid. Hope this helps Best, Bart

  • Thank you both very much for all your suggestions!  I got this working seamlessly in rehearsal using Michel's suggestion to use the epoc cam view and syphon whilst using BartvanG's suggestion to create a private network.  I have yet to get it working on a normal wifi connection, but to be honest, the private connection works brilliantly!

    Thank you!
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    I would always try and use a private adhoc connection if you can. Just makes life a lot easier and you are in control of who joins, etc.

  • Thanks very much for the advice!  It didn't occur to me initally but since creating it, its working really well!

  • With Skulpture on that one: always use your own private network. It's dead easy to setup and you're in control of all the settings. Networks in theatres or on location can be quite iffy especially - but not only restricted to - when there's an audience in the house