I need help with triggers, maybe it is something else!

  • I have a bursts of values almost jumping to the highest and decaying rapidly in about 1/2sec. I need to use just the highest but ignore all the rest. I think I have seen this done, but can't remember how.

    Also the highest value is not the same and the bursts happen at random(actually these are triggered externally).
    I have messed around with gate and triggers trying to block the stream right after the first hit, but that is not the best working solution. 

  • Tech Staff

    Have you looked at 'Max Value Hold'?
    Track the sum of the values as well (or a couple if too many), and trigger to refresh based on entering a low range with 'inside range'

  • Thanks, to reminding me. I thought that it would be something obvious. Yes, it does work better.