• Hi Mark

    I have 3 sequences  of a drum player , that i want to put together at the same time in 3 different stages (whit 3 movie players that i trigger at the same time)
    Each video is 8 seconds  (7,999 like the actor "media percent time says"). jpg format 30 frames.
    Is not a big deal to do that, but, when i put together the 3 videos,  the entire loop is not precise like if i put only the sound in pro tools for example (i made an audio bounce).
    Is a drummer piece, so i need a 100% precision. 
    I don't  really now, maybe each video need a preload before each loop is finish ??
    Because if i ear them separately i can ear a clic when the loop arrive to 0 each time. So i think maybe the loop cuts a little part of the beginning ??
    I hope you can understand my explanation, and give some info.. 


  • Izzy Guru


    So why don't you just try the preload? Place a "Video Preload" actor in your scene that gets triggered from a "enter scene" actor and set the mode of the preload actor to forever. If you have 3 movies set "video low" to 1 and "video high" to 3.


  • I am not sure if this is your solution, but I have done this kind of thing by loading different movie into one player(instead of on/off) with the help of trigger value or sequential trigger.

    And look at this discussion too

  • Michel and Vanakarun thanks a lot , i gonna see each solution, and can back to you asap...


  • Vanakaru, great information about sound in this discussion, thanks again.

  • Michel

    am not quite sure exactly what  you say ; 
    i put the actor preload l, but then i have to arrive  from another scene..
    The problem is more like the loop inside the same scene. The first part of the loop is cut (like nothing, but i can ear), the player make that.
    Each time that i  try both (sound and video) in one player, (and eaven whit the preload), the loops is not working well.
    Whit one movie file, you dont feel the difference, but whit 3 at the same time, the result is not good...
    So what i did is a half solution :  i put one player for the sound and another for the movie, then is work better.
    Thanks again anyway. 
    (I hope you understand my limited english..)

  • Dear Adolfo,

    For a long time, the looping in QuickTime has not been precise. (This started way back in QuickTime 6.2 -- an Apple engineer told me that there will always be a small delay in at the loop point, and that the delay is not reliable.)
    So looping QuickTime movies for this is not going to give you what you want.
    If you convert the clips to AIFF or WAV files (uncompressed) and loop them in the Sound Player, I think you will get the accuracy you need. Please try that. If it doesn't work, let us know.
    Best Wishes,

  • Hey Mark

    Nice to ear  you,
    Yes, in fact i put sound in a player and quick time movie in another whit the same trigger, and is working almost perfect..
    thanks ...!