• Hi, I'm trying to sync an XY PAD of touch osc with a simple patch of isadora.

    The problem is that when i read the STREAM SETUP it recognise it but I'm not able to setup the patch to use the movement of the XY PAD to move a video in the space
    I need to set the XY movement to the VER POS / HORZ POST  IN of a projector object in the patch
    Here a photo of the stream setup.


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    The -1.2546 is X and the 3.4815 is Y.

    Click renumber ports at the bottom and the port will change to 1.
    Then create a OSC listener. In Port type 1, then create a second OSC listener. In port type 2.
    You will then have separate X and Y OSC controls. You will need to use a calculator or some kind of math/scaler to change the values from 0-1 to 0-100 or -50 to 50 whatever works for you.

  • The knowledge base article tells all: http://troikatronix.com/support/kb/using-touchosc-with-isadora/