Programming a 15min 'countdown', that 'deactivates' stages every 3 mins?

  • Hello all,

    New to programming Isadora, and looking for some sage advice from people smarter than I - 
    My aim: to have an actor that works like a 'countdown', which when it reaches certain times, triggers particular stages to turn off. 
    I am installing an interactive video design in a studio space, that I want to run for exactly 15mins. There are 4 sites in the space that interact with the audience in different ways, and each of these sites correspond to an Izzy stage. To drive the audience through the space, I want the stages to switch off at certain times (i.e. every 3/4mins, as timed by Isadora).
     To make the timing of the installation completely autonomous, I want to program this using a combination of actors. Ultimately, I'd like to hit a 'Go' controller button, which starts counting down from 00:15:00, and every 3/4mins sends a trigger to take the intensity of the desired stage to 0%.
    I know of the Izzy actors 'Timer', 'Clock', and 'Countdown', but am having trouble tailoring these to match my needs.
    I would appreciate any help!
  • Izzy Guru

    Here is a patch that does that. I added one output more to my TimerTool user actor to get out just the seconds.


  • Beta Gold

    Wow Michael. Impressive user actor!!!


  • Nice patch :)