Mavericks and Macam.component no longer allowing Live Capture

  • So i purchased for a project a new Mac Mini that comes with Mavericks installed, copied over a patch from a mac mini that had Lion on it.

    Seems that Macam no longer works with streaming webcam. I've tried a Logitech Quickcam and also a PS3Eye as these are what i have. Both do not provide a stream in Isadora.
    I found a github hacked Macam application and the standalone version of Macam works fine but the component still doesnt work for me.
    Using latest stable build of Isadora on a Mac 
    Any help appreciated
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    Ive had periods when the macam has stopped, started, etc. Not used it in a while so not sure what to suggest.

    When you say 'streaming webcam' do you mean over IP/network or just normal live video feed input? - Just want to check.
    If it was me i'd try in stalling older versions of macam, restart and see what happens.

  • Ive gone through several old versions of macam and right up to the latsst and none worked in Mavericks. Swapped to the code version that i got from the openFrameworks forum and some dude modified the source (in what context i do not know) and the standalone works fine in Mavericks but the macam.component does not work in isadora.

    No sorry bad choice of words, i just mean live capture from connected device.
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    No problem.

    Hmmmm - not got a webcam/eyecam on me at the moment or else i'd give it a go for you.
    Im surprised no one else has mentioned this though. Weird.

  • Just been testing the beta build of Isadora and the live input does work, however Isadora crashes any where between 5 and 10 minutes into the patch being opened. So something must be different in terms of handling input in the new beta which is seeing the macam component OK. ?? Any thoughts Mark

  • As an aside, tested using quicktime player to record from camera, also tested facetime etc and nothing will see the camera or it can see its connected but provides no stream.Its definately the macam.componenet which is not working under Mavericks rather than Isadora itself.

    Id appreciate any other Mavericks users that have Isadora working with a webcam ( even more so a ps3Eye) to let meknow if they haev it wokring and if poss to share the macam.componenet

  • works with latest isadora core capture to disk actor, on mavericks with logitech usb-webcam, dose not need any maccam or third party webcam driver.  osx 10.9