Emulating siri

  • Hi,

    I am trying to create a visual emulator of the iOS7 SIRI visual interface, as well as a simple horizontal line that whet detects audio move the line with sine waves, like in this example image
    By now I've found a result that I don't like very much, because I'd like to have the line in point and out  "fixed", as is in the siri graphic. I attach my workin' on patch, so maybe someone can help me...


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    I downloaded the patch but could not get anything on the stage - strange as I do have QC Bulge.

    Could you do one or two screen shots for me?

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    You have to trigger the line actor ones and activate you microphone then you see it.

    @stefanino no idea at the moment.


  • Tech Staff

    Ah yes thanks @Michel.

    I have had a little go and making it look like the one in the screen shot.


  • should be fixed, thanks for inspiration.... 6978d5-siri-testing-fixed.izz

  • Hi guys,

    thanks for helping...
    @skulpture, sorry but I didn't understand your patch. Maybe you suggest to make some different images of the line and curve and then fast change between them?
    @rainbow: your patch seems to me quite the same than mine: the line is still moving in y axe, and is not "fixed" at starting and ending, like in siri interface... 

  • @stefanino, excuse me, you want to copy siri, QC can do better, but still may not be siri,


  • Any ideas in addition to Quartz?

  • I would try to make it with After Effects first to understand how this effect is achieved. Maybe QCBulge is not usable after all. Maybe a curved line rotating in 3D plane? Or 3D particles creating from a fixed spot and dying in another fixed point and reacting to the sound level meanwhile?

  • Tech Staff

    The only other way I can think of is using 3D particles and some slow sine waves but I don't think you will be able to get a perfect line due to the dots/particles. Would take a long time to figure out.


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