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    Hmmmm. I can't figure this one out....

    In the screen shot below you will see I have a 'Get media Index' this is connected to a picture player.
    Above it there is a 'Trigger Text' and 'Text Draw'
    What I want to do is to put the file name, such as 'DSC_3999.JPEG' over layed on the output - so I can see the picture and it's filename for reference. 
    How can I get the file name as 'text' automatically? 
    Anyone achieved this? It's probably really simple.... it usually is but i've gone brain dead!


  • You could use quartz composer for this - this link might help:

    I'm sure there are other ways.....
    You could probably use applescript to generate a text file containing all the filenames and then parse that list with Isadora?
    For a real ghetto solution you could use the syphon screen capture app and pipe it back into isadora! =edit - on the file name part of the picture player actor
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    Thanks Gav I will look into this. I did have a look for a Quartz Composers solution but didn't spot this one. Thanks.

  • Try this. You need to enter the file path plus you might need to edit the .qtz to get a better resolution for the text.

    I've never ever gotten my head around that quartz resolution/screen size thing. If anyone wants to explain it to me one day........


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    It worked thanks @gavspav!

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    Access to this within Isadora would be nice.