Screen Grabbing into isadora

  • Hello, i need to grab a live webpage into isadora, for some reason i thought manycam used to show up in Isadora as a camera input? I do not see it showing up anymore, AM i imagining this? Is there an application that will grab a live webpage into isadora without going to a scan conversion?

    please help

  • Ciao Partick,

    I will try, I remember a Quartz Core plugin that was able to put the screen into isadora as a input, but I don't remember more details...
    I do some search :)

  • Tech Staff

  • i have it working via CamTwist and syphon but it looks a little crappy. i have a 90 day installation i need to capture a webpage and map th eoutput onto polygons so i guess i can gaussian the output and fudge it a little bit but i was sure manycam used to show up in Izzy as an input source

  • ManyCam DOES show up in Isadora Windows as a source and webcam. I thought it showed up in mac before too. Thanks Skulpture as usual. I will check this out

  • Tech Staff

    I've had it worked and it works ok. Some strange resizing issues but it will get you something. You will see what I mean.

  • Hi

    I'm not able to find the solution I've mentioned, but... this also is working

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