• Hello,

    I've a very low fps with simple patch (i.e. just one movie player and one projector) when I run Isadora on Windows 7.
    My hardware : Mac mini 2013, Intel HD 4000, SSD, i7, just the best mac mini one year ago...
    My computer have 2 video output : 1 HDMI, 1 Thunterbold (with DVI adapter). Both at 1920x1080
    Patch and Stage (fullscreen all times) on HDMI : good fps (>50)
    Patch on HDMI, Stage on DVI : low fps (20-25)
    Patch on DVI, Stage on HDMI : low fps (20-25)
    Patch and Stage on DVI : low fps (25-50).
    The same patch on osx is running at 60-80 fps.
    On windows the driver is installed...
    My english is bad, i hope you understand me and you can help me. Some body have a idea ???
  • Izzy Guru

    Is it the mac or the windows machine that it's running slow?

  • Dear zdigital,

    What is the resolution of the video you are attempting to play?
    If you are running Windows natively on the mini Mac, then I would suggest that you enable the "Play Windows Movie Formats Natively" in the preferences and convert your movies to AVI or WMV. You'll see a big improvement in performance.
    Best Wishes,