GLSL in Isadora is possible, here is how

  • Hello, gang:

    I would like to let you know that it is possible to import shaders into Isadora workflow by using Quartz Composer. Just use GLSL wrapper inside of your QC patch then you can import it your sketch
  • Izzy Guru

    A bit more info on this would be great. Screen shots perhaps? :)

  • thanks for sharing, google…. found everything, nice tool, isadora is not the best app for QC patches, great to have syphon actors now…..

  • Izzy Guru

    This method?

  • yes this is the right one

  • Will post later today, I have a drama with my computer. Need to fix it.

    Yp Skulpture, there is one difference, isadora has it's own size operators and they are different from the other size of shader, so you have expose both. The frame rate was really good, while changing operators, even 1080p footage, but the speed is not as when you start doing stuff to it. So I would suggest to move as much of the post processing to QC as possible, and then just to expose your patches control operators.

  • The Core Video plugins differ quite a bit in “style” from the normal Isadora video plugins; notably they refer to the image in pixels instead of Isadora’s normal percentages, which make them a bit more tricky to work with.

  • Leading to slow IsadoraCore performance.


  • Wow, came to this forum to file a shader support feature request, just to see this! It would be wonderful if you could post a brief workflow how to set this up. I am especially curious about binding textures (image and audio, shadertoy style -- possible?) from Isadora to those QC shaders.


  • @eight I can post this patch, for more detail ....


  • @rainbow Thanks! I was able to get the image into Isadora through syphon. That's the only way to get it there? I would assume in QC patch one could directly publish the image output to make it available through a QC actor in Isadora (when this patch is used as a plugin)? Correct?

  • @eight, Sprite maybe not enabled, tried all kinds of settings, for performance improvement. here is some Isadora ready QC patch, running the patch in QuartzComposer allows live coding and best, no restart to load the new QC plugin.