• Hi all,

    Anyone have experience of using OSC in Logic? I'm trying to output OSC from Izzy to Logic Pro X (to trigger a software instrument) - Logic recognises Isadora virtual output, but won't seem to receive any OSC data for mapping of parameters.
    Any help greatly appreciated.
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    I didn't actually know the new Logic had OSC. Interesting... need to look into this.

    Isadora Virtual Output is MIDI though. OSC works on ports and IP address.
    Could you attach a screen shot of the OSC transmit actor for us?

  • Screenshot of the controller assignment page from Logic X attached. Good to know that Isadora Virtual Out is MIDI - I didn't know. Logic receives OSC on port 7000 I believe and the new Logic Remote App uses OSC. TouchOSC also has a logic template that I can use to control parameters, but I'm trying to create an Izzy patch to do so.

    I was simply using the OSC transmit actor on 7000 to try and send a value to the Logic controller 'learn' function.
    Thanks for any help!


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    Ive had a 'google' and the only thing I can find is all about the TouchOSC template. I think you need to find out the address' which you could steal from the TouchOSC template via the editor perhaps?

    If you have the IP as local ( and the port on 7000 then Logic should see it fine.
    But id also need to see a screen shot of your OSC transmit actor also.
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    I remembered that in Berlin Creative Space Mark said that Cubase has also OSC. But I can´t find it either in Cubase. When googlin I find also the TouchOSC thing.

  • Needs more info, how the OSC protocol is used in Logic X! 

    the device's accelerometer sensor data as three floating point arguments to a /accxyz OSC message, wherein the three arguments correspond to measured acceleration in x, y and z. OSC address /1/fader1, the additional z message will be sent with the OSC address /1/fader1/z.

    **/1/fader1 **


  • Isadora virtual out is the name of the virtual midi port used by Isadora, not OSC. I did not have a chance to search much but as far as I can tell the OSC support is in the SDK but not in the app you get. I have this software and had a look around, all the control surface assignment options refer to midi. I am pretty sure there is no native supprt for OSC. You can however use midi extensively to control logic. Touch OSC can be used to control Logic but only as it also creates a virtual midi port (if you tell it to).


  • Hi all,

    Thanks for all of the comments - very useful. I think I am going to go down the MIDI route for Logic control - I'm not sure that OSC is fully implementable at this stage.
    thanks Again!