Live capture issues with Canopus AVDC 110 via firewire on Windows Vista

  • I have a PC running Isadora with Windows Vista.  I have connected my Canopus AVDC 100 digital interface and Isadora does not recognize this input in live capture. The capture preview shows a black screen.  Sony Vegas sees the capture.

    Is there a fix that anyone would recommend to allow Isadora to capture this input?
    I am ready to go back to my older Mac Pro setup where this input works.

  • Dear Mark,

    I have not experienced this problem but I have an ADVC 110 which should work similarly. I'll test this and let you know what I find out.
    In the meantime, does a regular DV Camera work?
    And what version of Isadora are you using? If you're not using 1.3.1f06 please make the free upgrade and see if that helps.
    Best Wishes,

  • I use a Canopus ADV 100 frequently, as well as a Dazzle USB device. Both generally work quite dependably. However, I have encountered the same problem in several of my computers, including different operating systems. Are you using the Firewire jack or USB? Sometimes something as simple as plugging a camera into a different USB jack fixes it, sometimes when I see that black screen in the Video Capture dialog (cntl-L), I select none, and then reselect the offending camera or capture device and it works. I have found that 2 of my USB cameras can't be plugged into adjacent USB jacks. !!! There are quirks. Valerie