• Hello everyone. I'm new and I must design a show and synchronize audio, video and lighting and I want to do it with Izzy.
    I want to know if it is possible to have a "timeline" with the audio from here synchronize lights and video. Thanks in advance for any advice to get to the best result.

  • Dear olialonso,

    There is no built in timeline in Isadora. But when you say "the audio from here synchronize lights and video" what exactly do you mean? Is the audio a LTC Timecode Signal? Or are you just saying that you want the playback position of the audio to trigger events with the video and the lights?

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    Maybe have a look at Duration?

    I wrote a blog post about it here:
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    I made my triggers with midi tracks along synced with my audio tracks in cubase. Just watch out that the tempo matches in Isadora. Worked great. Cheers, Alex

  • A long time ago I made a long synchronised show just using the position out. It is by no means nice to use but I had a good cheat. I made a timeline on a daw with all the blocks represented. I then calculated what the position would be for each of the events and checked the position out of the movie player to see what to trigger when.

    Things that sucked- as so many of the cues were cumulative and affected other systems (lights etc) there was no easy way to jump to any point of the scene in rehearsals, you can easily have the same trouble with timeline. In the end I broke the show into 6 parts and made some jump points that we could go to that reset all the gear to the correct state at that point in the show. It was not super complex but a pain in the ass for working on and implementing changes.
    Im the end however the whole show pretty much operated from a single key and then just holding on to the edge of the seat praying all the machines stayed in sync- they did though night after night.
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    I suggest duration as well, I used it in a show and it always worked without any problems.


  • Dear all
    I need fire events in syncro whit music whit a great presicion (the playback position of the audio to trigger events with the video and the lights)
    I try using only Isadora if it is possible. I tried Duration (win 64) and is not very stable for me. Any manual or tutorial? The graphical interface is unstable (the icons and other elements disappears) Thanks for any advice.

  • Izzy Guru

    I use it on Mac and even it is alpha it works very stable. Can't help with windows.


  • What are your computer specs?