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    Now I am just very jealous! haha.

    Do the three outputs show up as stages in izzy? Or do you need Isadora Pro? If so what does it look like - any chance of a screen shot?
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    It shows up like this in Isadora, the 1920x1080 is a Samsung TV and the other two are projectors with no higher resolution than shown.


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    Thanks @Michel I am just amazed that this is now possible on a laptop machine..... so cool. You must have been jumping around the room when you first did this?! haha. I will be!

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    before I did this I was jumping around my home searching for a second VGA cable. :-)

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    haha! Looks like I will need a few more cables and converters; off subject but what will be the best way to go from HDMI to composite now then? As I will still need to plug into an Edirol V4 every now and again.

    This perhaps?:
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    Yes something like that, but I have no expiriences with these converters.

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    Neither have I; but been looking recently.

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    I've used this one from Gefen: http://www.gefen.com/kvm/dproduct.jsp?prod_id=5280

    Not cheap but it works great and, like all of Gefen's stuff, it is very durable.
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    I've just been reading this...

    I have a lot of people telling me not to buy the Retina version....
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    For example; just read this post and the quote is from it:

    _"I am a VJ, I do visuals for concerts, the video ram is so important because I am mixing layers of videos in real time.

    If the video card is already maximized I have no room in video ram for the footage and real time composition since the same video card has to feed the computer monitor and the external video output.

    The retina may be good for pictures but as I was expecting... no good for videos and real time rendering."


  • All the problems with rMBP seem speculative, at best -- and -- the upgrade to Mountain Lion will see an improvement on the features. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems software related not hardware related.

    If you can run 2 HD videos w/ effects through Izzy on a Quad x2 2.8 Mac Pro with a 256 video card and 4 GBs of Ram, then you can definitely output just as many if not more with a Quad 2.7 with a 1 GB video card and 16 GBs of Ram. Right? Looking forward to setting one up w/ a 2H2G on top of the 3 outs... I don't know how that VJ has their rMBP configured or what software they're using. 
    I ordered a rMBP maxed out (minus the upgrade to 2.7) and can't wait to start testing!! I will post all results here. That SSD looks like it'll make dreams come true. 
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    Yes I guess you are right. I am just very cautious. My gut feeling is to buy it and ride out any slight bugs it may or may not have. A small piece of me says wait until version two. But this will be 2013 surly. I am after the spec exactly like yours @cam3LD.

  • @Skulpture -- I was hesitant as well, but then I was like if Apple is producing lemons, they'll replace it. I'm upgrading from a 2007 black Macbook so it's a big change and whether or not it'll work great with Izzy, it'll work a lot better than the MB! I've been down that road a few times and Apple is really good about it -- if they are selling something that doesn't work as advertised, the consumer is protected. I remember buying an 800 MHZ iBook G3 (2001?) when OS X first came out (with my paper route money haha), and it screwed it up real bad so they gave me a replacement and eventually gave me an upgrade as well. 

    Being on the forefront is important and since no one has really ran Izzy with these circumstances + specs (or posted them here), someone needs to do it! I don't want to wait until 2013... that being said, the first version of any Apple product usually has a host of problems (but also is revolutionary, think iPhone or intel machines etc). It's a trade off!
    3 outputs from a laptop with main control on Retina display... could be life changing!

  • There was a question asked some time ago. Does the retina display take away resources from external outputs? ”

    I am afraid that this MBP is designed for people running Facebook and News sites with blinking-moving-changing images looking fantastic on the retina display. But not for ones who need the best image projected.
    I do need a new machine as well, but I am very cautious with this right now.
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    Surly with it having two graphic cards it shouldn't take away resources. Plus if toy don't run it in retina display it will have half the work to do and still be native screen size. (1920 I think it is). Basically. I guess we need to remember this is a laptop we are talking about!! It is incredible and for the price I personally think it kicks ass. Apple have never been cheap. We know this.... BUT quad core over clocked to a minimum of 3.3ghz! WOOWZER!!

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    As you know @Skulpture I have one and I can just say, no matter what people say, compared to my old 15" MacBook Pro (mid 2008) it is definitely faster. I made the Cinebench test on the retina MB Pro, a 17" Mac Book pro i5 and a Mac Pro with 8 cores. See attachment comparing fps and cpu. All have 8 GB RAM.

    Michel d9832c-cinebench.jpg

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    Wow the figures and results are amazing. I know that I am just being over cautious....

  • @Michel -- that looks VERY good to me. Loving that FPS.

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    I do think it is important for people to remember that just because the rMBP is very powerful and has lots of outputs doesn't mean it is a substitute for something like a well equipped Mac Pro when it comes to playback. I have been running fairly complex After Effects and Premiere Pro projects on mine with much better performance than the previous generation of MBP was providing but it still isn't a reasonable substitute for an 8 core MP. I haven't used mine for any actual production playback and it is unlikely that I ever will but in my tests it certainly comes out ahead of any other laptop I have ever tried but it is still no match for a powerful desktop. At the end of the day, the GPU is good for a laptop and, in my experience, it will hold up to reasonably demanding professional work but anyone who expects to be driving tons of displays and/or TH2Gs during a show just because it physically has a bunch of outputs is going to be disappointed. The rMBP is without a doubt the most powerful Mac laptop to date but it doesn't defy the laws of computing.

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    Well my order is being placed as I type. New job=New machine! Excited!