Stand-alone Installation Cues

  • Does Isadora have a timer-based cuing system? I've worked with the Keyboard Watcher, but in an installation I'm building I want to be able to walk away from my project and have it run.

  • Hi, depending on exactly what it is you want to accomplish, there's the 'enter scene trigger' and delay actors in conjunction with jump actors if needed. In preferences you can tell Isadora to activate the first scene on startup. I don't know which OS you're running, Mac or Windows? On the Mac there's the login items in system settings, where you can define which items or applications are opened on startup. I'm sure that on Windows there's sth similar. Create your showfile, add your file to startup items, make sure that Activate First Scene on startup is checked in Izzy prefs, with an 'enter scene' trigger in the first scene and you should be good to go for a basic setup. Oh and make sure you don't need a password to log in ;) Hope this helps

  • Beta Tester

    There is a time of day actor which can be attached to a comparator to send triggers at certain times. You can also use trigger delay actors and a single trigger at some time to have triggers that are executed at times relative to other triggers.

  • Izzy Guru

    Time of Day actor?

    Pulse Actor?
    Even an envelope generator perhaps?
  • Izzy Guru

    Or with Duration you can send OSC values to Isadora and trigger scenes etc.