HDMI Audio on rMBP for specific actors

  • Normally I use the default audio out (headphone jack) for sound but I have a couple actors in specific scenes that I want to route the audio to the HDMI output. Is this possible?

  • You can try to make an aggregate device in the audio midi setup, one that contains the HDMI audio out as well as the other outputs you want to use. The audio sample rates of these devices will have to match, HDMI out will be 48k. Number your inputs accordingly and name the new aggregate device. You will have to have the HMDI plugge into the exact HDMI recieving unit you will use to make this work as the HDMI audio appears as Samsung HDMI or BlackMagicHDMI etc depending on the device you are connecting to. If you are using inputs as well you can get problems if the duplex capabilities of the units are not the same. In this case you could also use soundflower to send to the outputs and send to soundflower from Isadora. Personally I don't like soundlfower.