Tranfert Light led (not dmx) to diffent scene with midi actor (to direct 0-24v)

  • Hi ,
    I have different scene with light setting and 1 motor, how can I do a transfert from scene to scene, activat scene, jump, doesn't work with this patch (actor)
    It give 16320 step for graduat led from midi to transistor (0-24v)
    How can I do that ?
    The trick I fond is the a envellope génerator in one scene with 5 segment for 5 lighting state and the rate for the transfert but for 21 chanels I'm not sure it's yhe good solution but I have to stay in one scene .
    Alors là je bloc, I don't know
    Thanks for your help
    db017e-1er-carte-disque-9-cir.iua 0cac55-o1-rv-patch-midi-light-state.izz

  • Dear Christophe,

    I think you're asking how to can crossfade from one scene to the next using this patch? Is that right?
    What exactly is not working?
    Regarding your question about 16320 steps for your controller, MIDI values only go from 0-127\. But there are some controllers that have coarse + fine values, which gives you a range of 0-16383.
    If you look at [this page](, which shows all the MIDI controllers, you'll see examples like this:
    Controller 1 = Modulation Wheel
    Controller 33 = Modulation Wheel (LSB)
    So, to send a hi resolution value, you would send two controller messages:
    0xB0 0x01 0x40 = Controller on chan 0, Mod Wheel coarse, bits 7 to 13 of 14-bit value right-justified (with high bit clear).

    0xB0 0x33 0x05 = Controller on chan 0, Mod Wheel fine, bits 0 to 6 of 14-bit value (with high bit clear).

    (0x indicates these are hexadecimal values.)
    If the device to which you are sending MIDI recognizes = these controls you can send them using the **Send HiRes Control** actor in Isadora. For the example above, you would set these inputs:
    ctl msb = 1
    ctl lsb = 33
    Then the 'value' input will accept a number from 0 to 16383, and send the two control messages in the right order.
    In any case, the solution is to use the Matrix Value Send/Receive actors, and a "Secondary Scene." (If you don't know this concept, please watch [this video tutorial](
    I have created two examples for you: an 8 bit version using standard MIDI Control Change messages, and a 16 bit version that uses the Send HiRes Control actor. To fully understand this patch, you really should open the manual and read about the Matrix Value Send and Matrix Value Receive actors. If you want more than 8 controllers, you'll need to add more. (Hopefully the examples make it clear enough how to do this.)
    Best Wishes,

    5c3e5a-midi-matrix-value-8-bit.izz cc4741-midi-matrix-value-16-bit.izz

  • Dear Mark,
    Thank you verry mutch It can be the solution, i'll let you know
    Best wishes