• Hi, I am using Isadora to run sound and lighting cues for a theatre production, triggered by the performers using spacebar on a bluetooth keyboard. Is there a way of ensuring "Double-GO protection" as with other cueing programmes where you can set a time in which a second press of the spacebar won't activate the next cue?
    Apologies if the question is lame or obvious.



  • there is an actor for that called "multi-blocker"

    have fun!

  • ....you can also go to the keyboard preferences in system preferences (if you are on mac os) and set the keypoard replay to the left (slowest) - means the spacebar sends only one trigger once you press it)

    ciao bodo

  • sorry! (doesnt realise its a protection for a third person)  - the multi-blocker is your goal for shure - with the slowest keyboard replay you only be shure the keyboard doesn`t send two/three trigger if you press it for a while...