Broken Soundflower(bed) on Mavericks - Alternative

  • ... since my soundflower install stopped working under Mavericks I had to find an alternative and fotunately found this piece of software
    Sound Siphon -  actually doing a better job since sound routing works on a per app basis.  Take Syphon Recorder
    and set it's audio to the App you decided for in Siphon Audio - and have quite some freedom in terms of routing and capturing Audio & Video  - am I right ?
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    Wow, thats cool. I also have problems with Soundflower, it shuts down my macbook in very random way. I think its a conflict with my RME Fireface 400 soundcard.

    Will try those out.
    All the best,
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    Nice find - thanks.

  • Great!  Thanks for finding this.  Sigh. Another sad day for Mavericks.  I just had the experience of having to downgrade a rental computer from Mavericks to Snow Leopard so that it could actually be used for a show without randomly forgetting and rearranging all of its display settings on every boot.

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    Sound Siphon works best for my setup

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    I just found another free alternative to soundflower. logmein it is a software to to remote logging between computers but it has a sound output that just works like soudflower. Only thing is that it has only stereo in and out. tested between spotify and ableton live. SUPEREASY

  • I just want to add to this thread that SoundFlower is working fine for me under Mavericks.

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    In fact it works for me under Mavericks too but since some people are not happy with It I searched some more possibilities

  • Soundflower is working fine on Mavericks and Yosemite, that's Soundflowerbed who doesn't works.

    If you use an application able to use different input and output (like Ableton live or Max/Msp), that's perfect, multichannel routing is easy with it.