TripleHead2Go Digital Edition via HDMI from Macbook Pro

  • Does anyone here know if you can power the TripleHead2Go Digital Edition from an HDMI port on the 15'' new Macbook Pro Retina with the either the Intel chip set or the NVidea?

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  • Just got this response on another forum:

    "I'm almost positive the Digital edition is a no. The Digital SE does work but you will need to get the right adapter. Mine is a MiniDisplayPort, but you can pop an HDMI to Displayport and be good"

  • I could try it out if u are still wondering.  I have both TH2Go digital and new MBP, plus hdmi-DVI adapter. (what made me think I have that adapter?  I dunno...)

    If you're referring to actual power, I think it needs USB power no matter what.  I use a USB - AC adapter that plugs in wherever the Matrox ends up. It doesn't need USB control of any kind, just power - so it can live far away from the Macbook.

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    Yes it will need the USB for power thats for sure.

  • So long story short.

    Matrox does not make a Triple Head (or Dual Head) device that can split the HDMI video signal from a MacBook (or from anything apparently.)
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    So it has to be DVI via thunderbolt?

  • i just tested to use an th2go digital on the hdmi output of a Mac mini 2011 with an amd card

    one issue we still have is that the projector (pans ex600) shows the snow/noise when connected via dvi, but it works fine via a vga cable
    my impression is that the hdmi is ok as long as you respect the single link bandwidth of the hdmi port (e.g. a resolution of 2x1024x768 )
    for us it is a nice digital to analog converter with the option to get a preview screen and keep the thunderbolt free for an interface
    concerning your mbpr the gpu shall provide a large enough texture size to handle the triple head

  • Hmm...

    I am having trouble with my triplehead2go digital as well... 
    It was working fine not too long ago on a early 2011 13" MBP running mountain lion.
    I now have a late 2013 15" Retina MBP and it is giving me grief. It allows me to do 3*640x480 and 3*800x600 but power desk crashes when I click apply for 3*1024x768 and then under information and troubleshooting it jumps to 3*1600x1200 which my native 1024x768 projectors can't handle.
    I'm going from mini display port to vga, and using dvi to vga adapters on the triplehead2go digital outs.
    I spent hours last night restarting and resetting pram, trying different ports and cables, and going down the list of resolutions.
    I contacted Matrox and they of course said the digital is not supported on Retina MBP (or any MBP with a thunderbolt/mini display port combined port)...
    I'm a bit miffed because now it's not working on my mountain lion 13" either... even though it was definitely working at 3*1024x768 before...
    I remember reading on this forum that someone had a triplehead2go digital working with a retina before... would it make a difference if I went DVI to the triplehead2go digital instead?
    Sorry for hijacking this thread, I didn't think we needed another one.