• Hey Gang,

    What's the best way to trigger Qlab within Isadora, or vice versa?

    Doing a show that requires both to run off one computer.  There's not much interaction between the two, other than a few simultaneous sound/video cues and some that are not simultaneous.

    Here's the show at VIDF:


  • Just use MIDI. Alternatively you can use OSC, but midi is the easiest to set up. Isadora provides an internal virtual midi interface.

    Send a note from isadora and catch it in QLAB, or vice versa for that matter
    Let us know if you cant figure it out.

  • You can use the midi show control to . very powerful and supported by isadora and qlab.

    better than a simple trig. Don't need to "rewind" the cues... 

  • Thanks guys, didn't have time to figure this out and neither did the sound designer so they are running on separate machines.  Maybe next time!

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  • Hi Flick, I know you! ;)
    I had Qlab send a MIDI **Program Change **message as a trigger to a Program Change Watcher in Isadora message to Isadora on a second computer. Worked flawlessly for a month with shows every night and it was a complex show build. For multiple cues inside one Isadora scene I used a sequential trigger actor hooked up to the Program Scene Watcher. The last trigger in each scene triggered the jump to the next scene. 
    Very happy. Computers were networked over ethernet... to be sure no WiFi drops outs and so were on same network... if I recall correctly... I could look up my notes to double-check how I did the networking if you still need more advice on that part?