• Is possible to save images (screenshot of stage) directly in Isadora?
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    Actually no - only video. You can record very short clips of video and play them back at the speed of 0?

    Alternatively - use freeze actor (but this wont save the image as a file.
    Lastly; sure there is a Quartz actor out there that can do this.

  • thank you for suggestion Graham,

    I've looked to QC actors in isadora but I didn't find anything, maybe sharing video out via syphon with quartz composer and then saving from there as image file...
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    Have a look at the bottom of the page:

    Not downloaded it but it might work... 

  • Thank you, I will try and check

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    Please let us know if it works - Ive been asked about this a few times. Would be good to have a known working solution :)

  • Not able to create the plugin with Xcode on Mavericks, use 10.6 to build the plugin, installed on 10.9.1 works great, known limitation: generate filenames, (~/Desktop) use textformater actor  (~/Desktop/Image_1.png), or in QC use String Replace to automate the filename count, made a QC SyphonImageExporter patch, to use with IsadoraCore stage to syphon actor, OSC to control everything with IsadoraCore. for more detail you can send, PM.


  • If you search the forum maybe the old one there is a solution that may help you. I made an apple script that grabbed a screen shot and saved it to a specific location and then imported it back into Izzy. At any rate this is not a hard script to write. It is only really helpful if you want a still from a video that is full screen though.

    It was something that I found was missing for Izzy for years and has come up several times. With limited time and resources mark has given us other functions though.
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    HERE is the link to the file in the old forum. Thanks Fred.


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    Thanks @michel.

    I am starting to forget about the old forum these days! I never did try this OSCulator patch - need to try it.

  • thanks Fred via Michel: the "old mode" via OSCulator works perfectly

    now I'll try other ways...

  • ImageExporter vs. Screenshot.oscd,

    Screenshot.oscd for making some screenshots, ImageExporter for interactive 24/7, can grab video/image from any actor (video out, video to image actor) you don’t  have to use syphon, think its handy to have  some Syphon_Image_Exporter, I can use it with different  Syphon supported Apps, like IsadoraCore (stage to syphon actor).


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    I am playing around with executing python scripts via the TCP-ip actors (running a local web server). The idea is to use python to do things like take screenshots, move files, etc..
    I will post if I have any real success.