• Hello,

    Is there an actor or something that can be used to get video content from vlc media player into isadora?

    I'm trying to get the wifi video feed from a gopro thru the app then vlc and then into Isadora.

    Thanks, Kedar

  • Izzy Guru

    Mac or Windows?

  • Tech Staff

    I am not aware of any method.
    I suspect you will find the gopro to have a very long delay as well. before going to far, be sure the feed delay is workable for you.

  • Sorry, Mac system.

    Yeah the delay is fine as far as the performers are concerned.

    I would prefer a video camera with component out that can be powered by batteries.

    Does anyone know of a camera that may work?


  • Izzy Guru

    Off the top of my head the only real solution is Syphoner?


  • VLC just gets the m3u image stream, I dont have a go pro but I think there are some other options for the image stream, If you can find out it might be a simple job to make something to get this stream to syphon in a single app.

  • Just FYI... GoPro used as a live feed camera has a short battery life as well as the above mentioned delay, but if you can get the image into the computer, then I think Skulptur's suggestion to try using Syphoner is probably first line of attack.  Unless the camera needs ot be wireless and moving about, then you could use any compact camera with an analog output and run it into a digitizer like the Canopus by Grass Valley. Then you can gran a firewire signal to send to the computer. Isadora will see that natively.  http://www.grassvalley.com/products/advc110
    There is also the iOS camera app option? Check other posts about that.

  • You could try camtwist with Desktop+ as the source; you can then choose "confine to application window" and select the VLC program window as a source.  I just discovered this for live drawing with Photoshop - the mouse, menubar etc doesn't show up in the window, and Isadora treats it as a nice clean source!  More testing to follow, the next show I'm doing has lots of live photoshop drawing.

    Why are you using VLC to get the gopro feed?  Is that the best way?

  • I did a few tests to check out the wifi stream, it is very low resolution, (I think 640*360), it is not better than a wired SD camera (and this would be way more reliable and way less cpu intensive). Is there a reason you need wifi? (the range of the go pro wifi

    is also pretty terrible).

  • Basically I was hired to do lighting and projection design for a few performances with a dance company. They wanted to have some live feed cameras on dancers with the images projected on the back wall for other dancers to interact wit. I needed to come up with a system that would be battery powered and wireless.

    One of the dancers also wanted to buy a camera and was thinking maybe a gopro would be fun to have. I already have a gopro and have used it to capture whats happening in one room and have the signal sent wifi to a laptop connected to a projector in another room that was using VLC for a different project in the past.

    It was more of a hope that what I had could work with what I was now wanting to do.

    I actually want a "bad" video signal for the performance look wise. I ended up getting a few really cheap wireless battery powered security/spy camera things off of amazon that transmit at around 2.6ghrz or something like that. They only work "well" with line of sight. I'm then using xlr8 interfaces to get the SD video into Isadora.

    The camera systems worked in a test at the theater the other day so for this project I'm good as far as this part of the challenge :)

    I don't think that the gopro is a good camera for this kinda stuff because the lens is a little to wide. Also the wifi is way way to slow for any live feed projecting stuff where performers need to interact with the content in real time. I was really just trying to make what I had work but sometimes that just doesn't cut it.

    Thank you everybody for your help and suggestions. This is a great leaning environment.

  • Don't know if this is too late, but perhaps you could use iPhone cameras and this actor: