Updates to Forum and Website (Thank you Michel)

  • Dear All,

    Just a small shout out to thank Michel, our forum co-moderator who took on the job of updating the entire TroikaTronix web site to ensure that the WordPress version, plugins, and everything else were up to date. It all seems to work fine, though if anyone notices anything, please let us know right away. Hopefully you'll find things to be a bit more "zippy" (fast) now, as he added some enhanecments in that regard.
    Michel + Skulpture do a great job helping the community stay in touch here as well as answering questions. I for one am extremely grateful for their help. Perhaps today is a good day for all of us to say thank you.
    All the Best,
    P.S. Michel, if you want to add anything about what you've done, and anything the users need to know, please do so below.

  • Thank you Michel.

    Thank you Skulpture!
    Thank you Mark.
    Isadora is a fabulous creation and is very well maintained by you three and more.
  • Beta Platinum

    Thank you for the investments on the website and forum. Really learn a lot here. Its a great community!

    Thanks to all who let this happen!
    All the best,
  • Tech Staff

    Yes. I too greatly appreciate your hard work.
    The active and helpful community behind Isadora is the most useful resource any of us have.
    Thank-you all.

    And Michel I would love to know what has been done?

  • Izzy Guru


    Michel has put all the effort in for the website, I merely suggested a few things and helped via email. @michel really is a wizz with this stuff! So I also thank Michel and Mark.
    But thanks for the kind words all :)
  • Izzy Guru

    Thanks to all for the applause.

    The complete Isadora website is mirrored and all updates are made there first to test if everything goes well before we make the update to the live site.

    The only change in the forum was setting the upcoming events button to the top so you don't miss it. The go button is now next to the search field instead of underneath. Forum version update will come later.
    Wordpress itself and all the plugins where updated to the latest version, a good thing to do to close possible security issues.

    A few extra plugins where installed including the one that will get us the long awaited "User Plugin / User Actor" download page (not setup yet, just installed). That way you don't have to search the forum anymore for that particular plugin you read about a few months ago somewhere in a post. We will only put up actors or plugins we have tested, possibly not all will make it onto that page. You will find them via categories or tags and can search for them. Will post in the forum when it's up.