Start a command line window from Isadora

  • I wonder if it is possible to start a command line window from Isadora (Windows version) to run a batch file with parameters. This would be something like Quartz Composer does on Apple OS, as I understand it. I imagine an actor that has inputs for: "file to execute", "parameters" (= number of parameters), param1, param2, ....

    Background: In one of our next projects I have to make printers act weird, that means theree printers should print out (form feed is sufficient) paper at certain times. From a command line window I can access all network printers with a command like

    'print /d:"\network\printer-1" test.txt'
    This command line prints out the file test.txt, ended with form feed, on the network printer 'printer-1'. I imagine an actor with inputs 'print', '/d:"\network\printer-1" and 'test.txt'.

    Maybe there are other possibilities to access a printer from within Isadora. Any ideas to print a file as part of a scene? Maybe there is a possiblity via TCPIP?


  • Tech Staff

    I was doing just this, via a work around today.
    Using Python and the pywin32api and Isadora's TCP IP actors, I am do nearly the same, I am just focusing on gui controls (window size location etc..)
    So yes, your file print can be done in this exact manner.

  • You can run apple scripts from osculator. This is an easy way to get it going.

  • Thank you for your hints. Python made me curious, and after resolving trobles with installing pywin32 (I found Active Python - - which works fine ), I started learning Python.
    I got the solution by now, many thanks @DusX.

  • Tech Staff

    I am working on a bundled solution for this. Hopefully something substantial to show in the near future.

    Are there specific actions you would like to have shared with Isadora via an API?

    Let me know as I have my first few, but I am looking to extend the feature set now that the framework is solid.