Video stops almost for a second while loading another video from binpicker

  • Hello there,

    i am very new in isadora, but i find it best to try it for a show in two weeks,
    it´s a projection on a balloon and the spectators sit very close to it, so i chose for the videos quite the same resolution as the beamers (two beamers, matrox dualhead digital version, 2 stages) have .
    it´s xvga= 1024x768. i converted the videos in photo jpg.
    i can use and tried with the latest mac pro:
    3,7 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5  
    12 GB DDR3 ECC Speicher mit 1866 MHz   
    Dual AMD FirePro D300
    mit jeweils 2 GB GDDR5 VRAM  
    256 GB PCIe basierter Flash-Speicher

    I have a patch, in which one video runs through the hole time and other videos fade in and out.
    the video, which runs trough, i put it in scene 2 and set  the projector on layer one above all other projector layers. There are other scenes for fading between two videos (scene 3, which also starts scene two), starting two videos at the same time for dualhead (scene 4), change videos with a fader for opacity (scene 5).
    I created 3 Binpicker (yellow and red for scene 3 and green for scene 5), in which i wanted to choose a videoclip, before i load it into the movie player and fade it into the running clip of scene two.
    My problem is, and it´s driving me crazy, that everytime i load a video in the movie-player from the binpickers, the video in scene 2 stops for 0,1 - 1 second. the length of the clip ranges between 20 sec. and 1 minute.
    is there a option to preload a movie, which can solve that or did i a mistake in the patches?
    i set the output the resolution  of the matrox dualhead and split it into left and right part for stage one and two.
    do you recomment to reduce the resolution of the videos to the half, but that means the quality of the output is also a half, isn´t it. And the spectators sit very close to the videoprojection and will recognize that, i suppose.
    Do you also recomment to switch on the "Threaded Movie Playback", the warning scares me a little, which appears by switching it on.
    May someone could have a look into my patch, maybe there are serious mistakes i made.
    i would be so thankful, because i am a little in pressure now.

    best oliver

  • Dear Oliver,

    I'll take a look at the patch, but before I do, I need to know the following:
    1) What version of Isadora are you using, and on what platform (mac or pc)?
    2) What is the resolution of your video clips? What compression (codec) are you using?
    Also, have you read this:
    Best Wishes,
  • Tech Staff

    Also, I would ask, what type of storage does your machine have. SSD? 1 or more?

  • Oh thanks you so,

    lets see.
    i have the version 1.3.024f and i use it on the mac platform.
    the resolution of the videoclips are quite the same as the projector-resolutions, i can use for the show: 1024 x 768 and i saved it as a .mov with the photo jpg codec
    My computer has a SSD, but just one.

    Yes i red "optimizing for speed" and i think i tried my best, but the resolution.

    Can that work anyway with this resolution?

    i am so thankful



  • Tech Staff

    I would think it should work, however, 2 things still matter.
    Are you loading the files from the SSD?
    What percentage did you compress the videos with photo jpg?

  • I think it would help a lot if you were using then latest pre-release. It's stable.

    Anyone else?



  • DusX makes a good point: you should make sure to use something between 50% and 75% when compressing photo JPEG. 100% is too high, and doesn't really make a difference in the video quality.

    That being said I'll try to recreate your problem sometime over the weekend. (I'm in the middle of a gig right now, and there's no spare time unfortunately until Saturday.)
    Best Wishes,

  • yes i compressed it with 100% percent.
    o.k. i will try it with 75%.
    Thanks so far!
    And thanks to mark for having a look into the patch.

    best oli

  • I run a quick test. It is difficult to do so without your media, however replacing these with my clips of same size(and PhotoJPG85%) I have notice only one thing so far. When stage2 activates the performance drops 50%