2D slider quadrants

  • Hello,
    Ive been playing around with making moving light profiles for control within isadora. In the control panel set up, the 2D slider lets me create a xy grid but I can't find the flip option to create the normal quadrant set up where the left/bottom quadrant is -100/-100\. Any idea as to how to get this to work? I know it is petty, but id like to play around with some intuitive movement controls for these movers. 

  • Tech Staff

    In edit control settings you have to put the minimum to -100. Then in the actor you have to flip the MIN and MAX but only on one input.

    See attachement, then you have -100/-100 at the left bottom.


  • Hi,

    You can get the values from 2d slider , and multiply them by -1 with a calculator.



  • Tech Staff

    So there you have two solutions :-)

  • thanks !!

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