• Hi everyone!

    Firstly I'd like to say hello to everyone in the Isadora community for sharing ideas and solutions, I've been using Izzy for several years now and it really has changed my creative practice, you folks are amazing! Apologies for not saying hi sooner.
    I've run into a bit of a snag. I'm using multiple sound movie players, each one triggered by a different MIDI note being sent into Izzy from junXion (triggered by the public) The issue I have is that I want Izzy to ignore all note on/off information being received after the initial trigger has been received and to then not allow any retriggering of the audio file until the loop end trigger has been sent. I've been trying to use gates and trigger delays but the patch is getting too big! 
    Does anyone have a tidy solution for this, any advice would be most appreciated.
    With thanks and all best wishes,

  • Sounds like a good job for User Actor, which I've made for you. It's called "Block Until Reset" I think it will solve the problem for you.

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  • Hi Mark,

    Thank you so much! This has completely solved the problem. Thanks for taking the time to send this. Have a great day.
    All best,